Crave Bath & Body Desserts believes in creating a fun and memorable experience with our handcrafted products that look and smell like your favorite desserts. Unwind and let your senses take over for an experience that will leave your body craving more. 


My name is Debora I am the founder and creator of Crave Bath & Body Desserts. I am a single mother of 3 amazing children to that of which I am very Blessed. Being an artist I've always been creative and very passionate. Life sometimes is a struggle but we will and can not succeed in life if we are not given challenges and obstacles to overcome. I've had many times my challenges and struggles and wondering if I had food to feed my children. Hard work, long hours and perseverance knowing I had to just keep moving forward & never look back on the what ifs and know that my children are the reason why I keep my strength.

One day I decided to create handmade items for my kids for Easter. A lightbulb went off as the kids didn't know I made them and thought they were bought at a store. That was the very beginning of our story here at Crave! We are just beginning and we look forward to bringing our customers creative handmade products that we love and hope will bring a smile to your face.