Posted on by Kailee Cole

We hear it constantly, "What is a shower steamer?". Once we explain it & show our customer's how our Shower Steamers work, they are intrigued. After they get to use the steamer at home, they are a lifelong fan!

We introduced these to our collection after learning a lot of our customer's don't get much time to enjoy baths. We wanted a solution to sweeten up our friends shower experience. The shower steamer was born!

So, what exactly is a shower steamer?

With similar ingredients to our bath bombs, they are a product that will fizz & eventually dissolve with water, releasing a scent for your enjoyment. We've added color for visual but really the magic is released in those scents. We formulate our shower steamers with different essential oils which have been used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits.. we are trying to be as compliant as possible here but think relaxing, invigorating, energizing, you get the idea. 

What might just be our favorite part, these shower steamers are good for multiple uses if cared for correctly! You want your shower steamer to get wet to activate the release, but if you want it to last, keep it out of the direct flow of water. Our favorite way to use the shower steamer is to add it to one of our shower steamer bags & hang it from your shower head. The bags are reusable as well which makes this an inexpensive way to give your steamer longevity. If you don't have a bag, give your steamer a quick swipe under the water and set off to the side where it can do it's thing. Be sure to store it somewhere dry in between uses.